Give Underdogs Like Hillary Clinton a Chance

Adam and Anthony discuss the Final Five Debate, Talk about the Supreme Court Nomination, The Failed Republican Loyalty Pledge and Finally the Handling of Terrorism Reporting in the Media.

Guest Host: Alvaro Gutierrez Valladeres

Guest Speakers: Brittney Stane and William Colligan

Is It Too Late to Vote For Pete Coors?

Adam and Anthony discuss The Big States Vote, Foreign Affairs (France and the Saudi Prince, Spain’s Fractured Elections and Turkish Migration Roulette) and finally they delve into the morass of Economics via the Reality of Negative Interest Rates.

California, Land of Desolation and Despair

Adam and Anthony discuss the Primary Race, The potential of a North Korean Nuclear Missile and finally the Puerto Rico Supreme Court rules on Gay Marriage, repeatedly. Then they get lost in the debate about US Territory’s existing.

Terror Gets Creepy

Adam and Anthony discuss the results of Super Tuesday, The legal tug of war between Apple and The FBI, A creepy terror related event in Russia and the problems of Indian Reservations.

Producer: Ariel Ayres

Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Jeter