Tony’s Endorsement For Blackmail

Adam and Anthony discuss the Cruz/Kasich alliance, Trumps Patch-up with Megyn Kelly and the list of possible VP’s which seemed aimed at annoying Adam. Then they talk about the latest events to mar the Campaign trail and finally discuss the growing trend of Criminal Liability cases.

Guest Speaker: Dominic Silvestri

Back To The Habsburgs

Join Adam and Anthony as they discuss New Yorks Primary, California Voting Errors and Bernie Sanders in Rome, then a talk with the Spaniard about the Wider world and finally we talk about California’s controversial “Right To Try” bill.

This Episode is longer than usual as it also contains our farewell to Alvaro as a regular member of the show and from the country.

Guest Host: Alvaro Gutierrez Vallidares

Guest: Dominic Silvestri

Artichoke Party Assassination

Join Adam and Anthony as they discuss the tribulations facing the Democratic Party and the controversial new laws passed in Mississippi and North Carolina.

Producer: Ariel Ayres

Guests: Alvaro Gutierrez Valladares and Douglas Duffy Johnson

Pure Breed Panama Dog Show

Adam and Anthony discuss the Panama Papers, The new iGun Issue and a GOP Convention with Rule 40B.

Special Guest Host: Alvaro Gutierrez Vallideres

Guest Speaker: Brittney Stane

Producer: Ariel Ayres