Ghosts of Episodes Past

Adam and Anthony are unable to join you this week, so instead we have a clip show set up for you. Six conversations from the past that we liked, but had to cut from their respective episodes due to length or divergence from the assigned topic. 1st we talk Woodrow Wilson and the name change controversy at Princeton, 2nd, a brief piece on Americas Lead Pipe problem, 3rd, The Death of American Indian War Chief Medicine Crow, 4th, A winding conversation about Trump, Bernie, Hillary, Thomas Jefferson, Antonine Scalia and the nature of Democracy, 5th, The Occupy CNN Protest, and 6th, a discussion on the Nature of Religion itself.

Producer: Ariel Ayres

Guests: Alvaro Gutierrez Villaderes, Daniel Maroni, Brittney Stane, Dominic Silvestri and Douglas Duffy Johnson.

A Bathroom for Cameron

Adam, sans Anthony discusses the ongoing legal exchange between North Carolina and the Justice Department regarding Trans Rights, A case going before the Supreme Court in defense of Corruption, and finally The Brexit (Or Britain voting on weather or not to leave the European Union.

Tony is away this week and as such our Audio Quality is not up to our usual lofty standards. Please bare with it and forgive us. Blame Tony.

Producer: Ariel Ayres

Guest Speakers: Holly Chiswell, Elizabeth Jeter and Daniel Maroney.

Emergency, Catastrophe, Apocalypse, Detroit

Adam and Anthony discuss the final fate for both Ted Cruz and John Kasich, then they discuss the burgeoning education crisis in Detroit and the rest of the country, and finaly they discuss the case of Green Beret Charles Martland.

Our Producer is Ariel Ayres.

Special Guests: Daniel Maroni and Dominic Silvestri