All Loose Ends, Must Come to a Knot

Join Adam as he talks with Producer Ariel Ayres and Guests Dominic and Tina Silvestri about the aftermath of the Brexit, The Democrats newly inspired fight for Gun Reform and finally a quick catch up on two Supreme Court cases we’ve talked about in the past.

Anthony is gone again this week, but he will be back next week. Our audio is still wonky, but that should be fixed next week as well.

Death Metal and Marijuana equal Islamic Extremism

Anthony is missing this week, but Adam is joined by Daniel Maroni and Dominic Silvestri to discuss the terrible attack in Orlando, Hillary Clinton’s ongoing Email debacle, and finally a bizarre case in front of the Supreme Court in which everyone agrees that nobody did anything.

Producer: Ariel Ayres.

Guest Hosts: Daniel Maroni and Dominic Silvestri.

Rick Rolling Donald Trump

Adam and Anthony discuss the remaining contestants in the race for the presidency, Republican Donald Trump, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Libertarian Gary Johnson. Next they discuss the Hulk Hogan Versus Gawker Case and Finally a talk about Rape Culture centered around the ongoing Saga of Brock Turner.

Guest: Dominic Silvestri

Awkwardly Touching Snowden

Adam and Anthony discuss Eric Holders new take on Edward Snowden and what it means,then they talk about a major Aids problem caused by India’s poor hospital system, and finally we talk about Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland.

Guests this week: Dominic Silvestri and Douglas Duffy Johnson.