Running from David Duke

Join Adam and Anthony as they discuss The Second Half of the Republican Convention, The First half of The Democratic Convention and finally the recent rash of mass killings, Terror related or otherwise.

Guest: Holly Chiswell.

Of Lincoln and Lucifer

Join Adam and Anthony as they talk about the Republican Convention Week 1, The attempted Coup and subsequent fallout in Turkey and finally Espresso Shots, where they briefly discuss Mike Pence and Roger Ailes leaving Fox News.

Guests: Christopher Sullinger and Bob Lindell

Executed by Automaton

Adam and Anthony discuss the recent lethal shootings of three Black Men by police, then follow that up by discussing the lethal shooting of 5 police officers in Dallas and then turn to lighter topics with a look at next weeks Republican Convention.

Producer: Ariel Ayres.

Guests: Dominic Silvestri and Jason Walters.

American Revolution in Boriken

Adam and Anthony discuss the finances of Puerto Rico, Muslims in America and finally the recent vote in Congress revolving around Zika…. and Planned Parenthood and Pesticides and The Confederate Flag….

No Guests this week, No Producer. Just your hosts. Old School.