The One With The Erroneous Audio

Welcome to the first ever Episode of Perpetual Coffee, the evolution of A and A. Join Adam and Ariel as they discuss the First Presidential Debate, the Riots in Charlotte and finally the Wells Fargo Scandal.

You can tell its our first episode with the new equipment, because a single accidental button press caused a time gap midway thru the episode. We have learned our lesson. We had to edit out quite a bit of our conversation, but what still worked well enough is here.

Jamais la Fin

Join Adam and Anthony on this, the last Episode of A and A Coffeehouse, as they discuss the attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota, then they talk about Chicago U’s no Safe Spaces or Trigger Warnings policy, and finally they talk about the escalating violence between India and Pakistan.

While this is the Last episode of A and A, the podcast is continuing in the same time and place, just under a new name and slightly different model. Enjoy the show, and the new Perpetual Coffee Podcast will see you in two weeks.

Special Guest: Douglas Duffy Johnson

Old-school American Monopoly

Join Adam and Anthony as they discuss The Scandal surrounding Epipen and Aetna, The move for a Pardoning of Edward Snowden and finally The Donald Trump – Bondi Affair.

Guest: Dominic Silvestri

An Awful Lot of Tanks

Join Adam and Anthony as they discuss Donald Trumps comments regarding military expansion, new stories regarding Yosemite National Park and Asteroid Mining, and final a brief bit about the growing trend of far right movements around the world.

Producer: Ariel Ayres.

Guests: Dominic Silvestri, Douglas Duffy Johnson