Far Too Many Zeros

Join Adam Kinkade for Part Two of our interview with Bob Lindall and Christopher Sullinger. This week we discuss Obamacare, Trumps Plans for the Future and Taxes. Lots and lots of taxes. Seriously, we get really deep into the whole tax issue.

Special Guests: Bob Lindall and Christopher Sullinger.

Painting with a Broad Brush

In the beginning of a three part interview, Adam mediates a discussion between Christopher Sullinger and Bob Lindel, Democrat and Republican respectively. They talk about and debate about the results of the Election, The nature of the Electorate and a lengthy conversation on race and racism in America.

Special Guests: Christopher Sullinger and Bob Lindel.

The Women Near Us

Join Adam as he talks with Dr. Boo Fuqua and Brittney Stane about The allegations against our new President regarding Sexual Misdeeds, the new Brock Turner Law being debated in California and finally the case against Rolling Stone Magazine involving a story about a campus gang rape that turned out to be false.

This is the first of our Special episodes that will be focusing on a single theme.

Call A Spade A Spade

Join Adam and Anthony as they discuss next weeks election. All the last minute details on Trump, Hillary and what to expect, then a final topic about The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Protests around it.

Special Guest: Anthony DeFranco