Do We Need To Kill Frank Miller?

Join Adam Kinkade as he chats with Douglas Duffy Johnson and Ari Edwards about the growing level of discomfort as Trump continues to fill his Cabinet. There are quite a few people to talk about, so that fills the first two topics of our show this week. Later, we talk about the potential ceasefire in Aleppo and whether that’s a good thing or bad.

In The Belly of the Tiger

Join Adam Kinkade, along with guest hosts Brittney Stane, William Colligan and Douglass Duffy Johnson as they discuss the rising tide of Trumpgrets, the situation at Standing Rock, and the Epidemic of Fake News.

He’s not bad, He’s Terrible

Join Adam Kinkade for the final part of a three part series of talks with Christopher Sullinger and Bob Lindall. This time we talk about the Iran Deal, Trumps choices for his first few cabinet positions and finally, the long delayed Coffee Beans.