The Black Times End

Join Adam Kinkade for part two of his conversation with Douglas Duffy Johnson and Tina Silvestri regarding Donald Trumps ties to Russia, then a discussion on Native American Land and the New Administrations plan for dealing managing it, then of course, Coffee Beans.

Bat To A Hornets Nest

Join Adam Kinkade, Editor Douglas Duffy Johnson and Guest, Tina Silvestri as they discuss Healthcare in America, Obamacare’s pros and cons and the new Congress’s attempt o repeal and replace it. This is part one of a two part conversation. Part two will be next week.

Of Queens and Killers

Join us this week as Adam Kinkade is joined by Douglas Duffy Johnson and Bob Lindall to talk about…. well, a bit of news. First off, the republican congress begins on a strange note, an attempt to weaken the House Ethics Committee, only to be thwarted by Donald Trump. And with that we are all tired of talking about Trump. So for topic two, we discuss Queen Elizabeth and her influence, then we move on to Charles Manson for topic Three. Hope you enjoy.