Blues Night at the Coffee House

Its a Special Event! Rather than have a new Episode with New Topics this week, we’re all busy. So instead, we’re giving you clips and snippits that were removed from a number of past episodes, new conversations that went off topic or far off into the weeds. Everyones here: Adam Kinkade, Douglas Duffy Johnson, Bob Lindell, Brittney Stane, William Colligan, Holly Chiswell, Mark Cunningham, Tina Silvestri, Jason Walters, Dominic Silvestri and T.J. Sullinger.

Leave With My Head Intact

Join Adam Kinkade and Douglas Duffy Johnson as they sit down with Mark Cunningham and T.J. Sullinger to discuss the New American Health Care Act, The recent Elections in South Korea, and France, and then finally the Firing of FBI director James Comey.

But They Posted It Anyway

For this special Episode, Join Adam Kinkade and Douglas Duffy Johnson as they talk to first Tina and Domonic Silvestri, and newcomer Mark Cunningham, then with Mark again and TJ Sullinger. The first two topics are both about the ongoing saga of Daddyofive, an internet sensation turned child abuse drama. After this two part dark topic, we have an irrelevant, but hopefully fun conversation about Luchadors and Wrestling. Enjoy.