Seeking Out Weird Punishments

Join Adam Kinkade as he talks with Daniel Maroney and Bob Lindall about the collapse of Trumpcare, Florida’s New State Prosecutor who refuses to even consider the Death Penalty and finally the Saga of Reality Winner.

The Most Experienced One Present

Join Adam Kinkade and Douglas Duffy Johnson as they talk To Elizabeth Jetter and Ari Edwards about Trump Jr’s Russian Confession, A Native American Adoption Issue and the new TV Series 13 Reasons Why.

(ReBrew) Biggie Smalls on Constitutional Originalism

Our second Re Brewed Episode is here to keep you busy while our studio gets a makeover and we deal with some personal business.

From Feb, 2016: Adam and Anthony discuss the immense impact of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on the Country and on some of the upcoming supreme court cases. They are joined as always by Producer Ariel Ayres, as well as recurring Guests Alvaro Gutierez Valladares and Brittney Stane.

(Re-Brew) Black Guy, White Guy, Asian or Alien

A rerun Episode from January of 2016. Guests include Anthony DeFranco, Alvaro Gutierrez Valladares and Ariel Ayres. A number of topics this week. Ranging from Denmark’s new Refugee Laws to Supreme Court Justice Obama, Planned Parenthood Indictments to Iranian Sensibility, The Zika Virus, The Oregon Standoff, Noam Chomsky, Michael Jackson and the Seattle Homeless Epidemic. Its a busy week here at the Coffeehouse, come join the conversation.