Pandemic: Gingivitis!

Join Adam Kinkade as he talks to an all star cast, Including Catherine Drake, Elizabeth Jetter, Dominic Silvestri and Anthony Catania. They discuss Harvey Weinstein, The Alabama Special Election and California’s New Aids Law.

Goats Solve All Your Problems

The first Episode of year 3! Happy Birthday to us. Join us this week as Adam Kinkade sits down with Daniel Maroney and our new Guest, Anthony Catania to talk about the end of the world. More specifically, shootings in Las Vegas, Floods and Thirst in Puerto Rico and the South East and Fires in the West.

Long Talks About Football

Join Adam Kinkade As he has three separate talks with Daniel Maroni, Brittney Stane, Amanda Platsis, Dominic Silvestri and Anthony Catania about the myriad controversies going on right now with Professional Athletes kneeling during the National Anthem at games.

Bean Bags Piled High

After a long break due to Computer problems and airplane malfunctions we are back. With no show. Yup. This episode got deleted in all the chaos. But, our weekly Coffee Beans were recorded on a separate track and survived. Usually we cut them down to much smaller bite sized chunks, but this week were giving them to you full blast. So, this week, Join Adam Kinkade and Douglas Duffy Johnson as they talk to Daniel Maroni and Catherine Drake about Endangered Species, Chocolate, Ted Cruz and his Porn Habbits and finally about current TV and its connection to the world.