Help The Bad Guys Win

Join Adam Kinkade as he talks with Anthony Catania and Dominic Silvestri about the Ongoing Purge In Saudi Arabia and then the Non Scandal that is Uranium One.  In lieu of a third topic, we have the missing Coffee Beans from two weeks ago. That segment includes guests Anthony DeFranco and Lilyanne Arelliano.

Everyone Captured Bowe Bergdahl

Join Adam Kinkade as he talks with Elizabeth Jeter, Devona Yates and Anthony Catania about The Blue Wave in this past election, Bowe Bergdahl and his Trial and finally the state of News Media.

Special Guest Rant from Dominic Silvestri

Say What You Will About Pablo Escobar

Join Adam Kinkade as he sits down with Daniel Maroney and William Colligan to discuss Americas Opioid Epidemic, Trumps War with the Republicans and finally America Withdrawing from UNESCO.