Psychologists Say Things Are Being Handled Poorly

Join us this week as Adam Kinkade sits down with Ari Edwards and Dominic Silvestri to talk about Aziz Ansari, The #MeToo Movement and the general state of Gender Relations in the US Today.

Tell That To The Monkeys

Join Adam Kinkade and Douglas Duffy Johnson as they sit down with Anthony Catania and Devona Yates about the Government Shutdown and the state of Immigration in America, then they discuss two cases before the Supreme Court, The Infamous Cake Case and NIFLA v Baccerra.

Guido Is A Human Being

Join Adam Kinkade and Douglas Duffy Johnson as they talk to Daniel Marony and Anthony Catania about the new book Fire And Fury In The White House, The Election Fraud Commission and finally the restoration of the FISA Surveillance Program.

The Civil Pot Debate of 1865

Join Adam Kinkade as he talks to Douglas Duffy Johnson and Ari Edwards about The Trump – Bannon Feud, Jeff Sessions move against Legal Marijuana and finally a Debate on the Relevance of Hollywood Outside of Film.