B Rit Writes Fan Fic

We have hit the second stop of our East Coast Adventure, here at the Coffeehouse. This time we are recording in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Join Adam Kinkade as he talks to Brittney Stane and William Colligan about Trumps meeting with Putin, Hollywood’s Stand on the Me Too Movement and then a look at Virginia and how its cooping with the changes of the modern era.

This is Part One of a Two Part conversation,

Just Korematsu All Over Again

Join Adam Kinkade in Boston, Massachusetts as Perpetual Coffee continues traveling the East Coast. Today, Adam talks to Dominic Silvestri, Tina Silvestry and Samantha Kersch as the discuss Immigration, an echo of Korematsu and Harvard University’s feud with the Trump Administration.

My Beer is The War Games

The First Episode of Perpetual Coffee’s East Coast Road Trip! This week we are in Boston, Massachusetts. Join Adam Kinkade as he talks with Tina Silvestri and Dominic Silvestri about Trumps dealings with North Korea and then the Debacle happening along the Mexican Border.

This is Part One of a Two Part Conversation.