Walking On Eggshells (Re Brew)


NOTE: The first time this Episode Aired, the actual episode was just a Repeat of part 1. Here is the corrected conclusion to the Conversation.

Part 2 of a 2 part conversation

For the first time in the shows history I am making a warning. The views expressed in this episode do not in any way reflect those of Adam, Doug, Tony or anybody else at Perpetual Coffee. There is some very offensive language, including a sudden dropping of the N word. Things get heated, at one point leading to Adam and Tina walking out of the room. There is a noisy wrestling match over the Microphone. There is a lengthy argument over a nonexistent and fairly racist college policy that, I stress again, is not a thing. That said…. Enjoy?

Join Adam Kinkade as he talks with Tina Silvestri, Nicholas Silvestri and Dominic Silvestri as they talk about Political Correctness, Colleges, Sidetrack into a totally nonsensical fake news story, A Vermont Landfill causing a ruckus with Canada and finally Coffee Beans.

Going Polish On It

Its another round of Espresso Shots! Join Adam Kinkade as he talks to Anthony DeFranco and Alvaro Gutierrez Villaderes about The Firings in the Trump Administration, the Muller Investigation, Brexit, China’s One Belt Policy, Pot Legalization, and more!