Walking On Eggshells (Re Brew)


NOTE: The first time this Episode Aired, the actual episode was just a Repeat of part 1. Here is the corrected conclusion to the Conversation.

Part 2 of a 2 part conversation

For the first time in the shows history I am making a warning. The views expressed in this episode do not in any way reflect those of Adam, Doug, Tony or anybody else at Perpetual Coffee. There is some very offensive language, including a sudden dropping of the N word. Things get heated, at one point leading to Adam and Tina walking out of the room. There is a noisy wrestling match over the Microphone. There is a lengthy argument over a nonexistent and fairly racist college policy that, I stress again, is not a thing. That said…. Enjoy?

Join Adam Kinkade as he talks with Tina Silvestri, Nicholas Silvestri and Dominic Silvestri as they talk about Political Correctness, Colleges, Sidetrack into a totally nonsensical fake news story, A Vermont Landfill causing a ruckus with Canada and finally Coffee Beans.

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