The Crew

Adam Kinkade (Show Runner)

Adam Kinkade teaches History, Government, and Economics to the show-runners of tomorrow. He has been writing for years and years and has been discussing history and politics over drinks for just as long.

Ariel Ayres (Producer)

Ariel Ayres teaches English and counsels the producers of the future. She has been writing and rock n' rolling since the beginning of time and intends to do so for the rest of it.

Anthony DeFranco (Editor)

Anthony "Tony" De Franco enjoys long walks on the beach and if you like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain, he's the man for you! He is also a Muppet Impersonation aficianado. He especially enjoys mimicking Kermit the Frog's voice.

The Rest

Alvaro Gutierrez Valladares (Guest Host)

Alvaro Gutierrez Valladares is a citizen of both Spain and Mexico, but is temporarily gracing the United States with his presence while teaching History to awe-struck children and converting them to Spain-enthusiasts with his European wit and charm.

Brittney Stane (Guest Speaker)

Brittney Stane teaches English, Literature and Spanish at the Monterey Bay Educational Center. She is active in the theater community and she rejects coffee in favor of the inferior tea. 

Daniel Maroni (Guest Speaker)

Daniel Maroni has been lurking in Coffeehouses and arguing with the professionals about Politics and History since he could walk. He is well known as an outspoken and bellicose believer in his own opinions and the rights of man.

T.J. Sullinger (Guest Speaker)

T.J. Sullinger is a world renowned expert in the art of Smithing and the Biology of Dwarves. His singing voice has often been compared to the sound of silver. Also an actor and general font of understated wisdom. Also Ariel's cat is named after him.

The Help

John Barrymore Jr. (Web Designer)

John Barrymore Jr is a tech genius without whom we would still not have a website or have figured out how to even get ourselves on ITunes. He keeps our site on track and we are ever grateful. Also a Guest Speaker on the show.